Good idea : the CELED32S0119B3 Direct-LED from Continental Edison

Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3

What about the new Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3 ?

Today we are going to analyse the Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3, a basic model from Continental Edison. A deeper analysis in order to check what this model is really worth.
This television is delivered with a  HD resolution.  The television set is an entry-level product; it therefore faces competitors with similar resolution screen.
So when you make your choice, you will ask yourself the question : is the CELED32S0119B3 a good bargain ? You will be told in this article.

The design of the Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3

Cheap doesn’t mean ugly. This could be the rule that has been respected by the designers of Continental Edison.
Considering the price level the design is good. We perhaps would have liked something more accomplished, but it is, it must be remembered, an entry-level television set.
In the end, we’re on an entry-level product. Even if at this level, when it comes to design, we could simplify it by saying that it is cheap. Materials of poorer quality and ergonomics identical to what was done 5 years ago, make this Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3 a just acceptable television set.

TV screen presentation Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3

Even on an entry-level model, the display restitution on this Continental Edison works very well. The image is faithful and allows to benefit from a clear rendering, without distorting the original source.
With this new model, Continental Edison confirms one of its technological choices. 
The Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3 is available in the HD resolution. Whatever the characteristics, it is still a beautiful screen. On this point, don’t worry.
Even better, thanks to its advanced technology, the screen of this television provides a HD quality resolution.
Thus, the Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3 allows you to have a device in another room (the kitchen for example), without too much affecting your budget.

CELED32S0119B3 from Continental Edison – The sound

For those who are not too demanding in terms of quality or sound rendering, this model is interesting. Indeed, the audio system is a little short. Which is normal for this entry-level device.
For the sound part, the television set is equipped with two speakers and provides a sound power of 6 W.

In short, sound is not the characteristic that will make you buy the CELED32S0119B3 Continental Edison. Low quality; enough choice to listen to the news or let children watch their educational programs.

The Intelligent aspect of the Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3

A detail is to be taken into account in the decision to purchase this CELED32S0119B3 Continental Edison: there is no smart TV. Good or bad news, I can’t say. Anyway, for those who would like this TV and this feature, you know what to do: buy a TV-Box in addition.You will also be able to access the Internet, either through your Wi-Fi connection, or for the most geek among you via the LAN; you will then be able to download a whole bunch of applications and movies.

CELED32S0119B3 from Continental Edison – Its connectivity

Due to its small number of connectors, it will penalize some users.

Technical characteristics of the Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3

Here is a summary chart of the technical features of the TV:

Characteristic Value
Ratio 16/9
Sizes of the television without stand 73.5 cm x 43.8 cm x 9.1 cm
Screen size in inches 32
Screen resolution HD
Display system Direct-LED
Display frequency 60
Sound power 6
Wifi Yes
Tuners available DVB-T DVB-C 
Number of tuners 2
Number of USB ports 1
Number of HDMI ports 2
Number of audio outputs 1
Number of audio inputs 1
Component Input (YpbPr) Yes
Composite Input (Video) Yes
PVR Available Yes
Ethernet Yes
Power consumption 45 W

Our conclusion on the Continental Edison CELED32S0119B3

The finish shows some small deficiencies (visible cables and visible screws), but the technology is mastered and the image rendering is at the expected level.
What more can we ask of a product in this range?
Back to the future! As in the film, you are propelled into the past. In other words, it feels like it’s the 2000s. No smart tv? you read it right. It is possible, and it is the choice that Continental Edison makes on this CELED32S0119B3.
The HD resolution has been chosen on this TV. A sufficient choice and well adapted to everyday use. But this standard will certainly be outdated in a few years’ time. By then Ultra 8k prices will have dropped.


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